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by Ben Beekman on September 27, 2011 is designed to serve as an information hub for all kinds of Web content related to Digital Planet, the book, and the ever-more-digital planet we inhabit. To make it easier for students, instructors, and other readers of Digital Planet to find what they’re looking for, we’ve added look-before-you-link icons to each new entry:
 Essential updates. News and information about developments since the latest edition of the printed book.
  Content in context. In-depth articles about subjects covered in Digital Planet.

 Multimedia supplements. Video, audio, animation, and interactive activities to illustrate and enhance Digital Planet content.
 Crosscurrents. Lively, thought-provoking opinion pieces similar to Crosscurrents articles in Digital Planet.
 Inventing the Future. Futuristic news and musings to help Digital Planet readers see further into the future.
Let us know what you think about these icons, and about in general, using our new Contact the Authors page. We’d love to hear from you.
(If you’re viewing this on Facebook, visit the Digital Planet site to see the icons in action.)

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