-Cross Currents 10.5 Human Questions for a Computer Age 11.3 Automation, Globalization, and Outsourcing 3.4 The Computer System: The Sum of Its Parts

The Dark Story Hidden in Your Smart Phone

After seeing some mysterious photos someone found on a brand new iPhone, comedian Mike Daisey travelled to China to find out where and how our digital gadgets are made. He tells his story (EDIT: his “story” was later found out to be just that, a story) in this episode of public radio’s This American Life.

-Inventing the Future 1.7 Inventing the Future: Tomorrow Never Knows 4.4 The User Interface: The Human-Machine Connection 7.5 Inventing the Future: Embedded Intelligence and Ubiquitous Computing 8.5 Interpersonal Computing: From Communication to Communities 8.6 Inventing the Future: The Mind-Machine Connection 9.3 Internet Issues: Ethical and Political Dilemmas

Will Your Phone Read Your Mind in 2016? Ask IBM
As noted in Chapter 1’s Inventing the Future, predicting the future isn’t easy. But when the predictions are backed by one of the world’s biggest technology innovators, they’re worth considering. In this short, clever video, IBM describes and illustrates “5 in 5″— five technological breakthroughs that could reshape our lives within five years.

-Updates 1.3 Computers Today: A Brief Taxonomy 10.6 Inventing the Future: Evolving Technology, Evolving Security

Supercomputers and Superpowers—the Great Race
For decades the fastest computers in the world were all American. Not anymore. In this short Newsweek article, Daniel Lyons describes the state of the great supercomputer race between China and the USA—and the high stakes of that race.

-Context 15.2 Natural-Language Communication 15.4 Pattern Recognition: Making Sense of the World 8.5 Interpersonal Computing: From Communication to Communities

Giving Ten Seconds to World Literacy (Without Knowing It)
If you use the web, you’re almost certainly part of a global team that’s digitizing the world’s books, one word at a time. How are you helping digitize one hundred million words each day? In this entertaining, mind-expanding TED talk, Luis von Ahn explains how a group of researchers created reCAPTCHA and turned one of the web’s big time-wasters into a crowdsourcing project involving ten percent of the world’s population. He also describes an emerging project to apply the same visionary approach to language translation.