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Is There a 3D Printer in Your Future?

3D printers can create solid objects from data. In the near future, you may own one. You may buy products printed to your specifications. Or you may know someone who has an artificial body part made by a 3D printer. In this enlightening TED video, Lisa Harouni shows how this technology works and how it might work for us.

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Putting a New Face on Facebook

The world’s biggest social network has a nasty habit of changing its user interface often enough to confuse and anger users all around the world. The latest Facebook iteration, the Timeline. presents your history (and may threaten your privacy) in a whole new way. This Macworld article tells you what you need to know to make the Timeline work for you.

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You’ll Feel the Rhythm of this Algorithm

What if your smart phone or computer could do routine tasks ten times faster just by doing math differently? According to this Fast Times article, MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that could have a dramatic impact on every aspect of your digital world.