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Are You Listening to the Internet?

ap_thompson_largeEvery day millions of people share text, photos, music, and video on the Internet. But until recently, there hasn’t been much interest in sharing non-musical sound. According to Wired contributor Clive Davis, we may be entering a new age of Internet audio. How does that sound to you?

-Context 6.4 Multimedia Authoring: Making Mixed Media

When Music Machines Learned to Talk to Each Other

midi-namm-2012MIDI is the communication standard for electronic musical instruments. This 30-year-old technology has revolutionized the music industry. This NPR piece explains why and how MIDI made digital music happen.

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Remix this Post!

Was Bob Dylan a creative genius or a thief? What about Steve Jobs? Or that kid down the block who posts cut-and-paste videos on YouTube? In this entertaining short TED talk, Kirby Ferguson argues that every creation is, to some degree, a remix. Do our intellectual property laws need to change to embrace, rather than outlaw, remixes?