-Updates 10.4 Security and Reliability 14.5 The State of Software 5.5 The Spreadsheet: Software for SImulation

Spreadsheets are Spreading Misinformation

spreadsheet_errorIf you misspell a word in a paper or use the wrong font in a presentation, your error may be embarrassing. If you use the wrong formula in a spreadsheet, your error might be devastating. According to a recent study, the typical spreadsheet is riddled with math errors. This short Market Watch article should serve as a wake-up call to scientists, engineers, business people, students and others who do high-consequence work with numbers.

-Inventing the Future 14.1 How People Make Programs

You’ll Feel the Rhythm of this Algorithm

What if your smart phone or computer could do routine tasks ten times faster just by doing math differently? According to this Fast Times article, MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that could have a dramatic impact on every aspect of your digital world.

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Making the Cloud Clear
If you’re not completely clear about “the cloud,” reading or listening to this short NPR story should help. Even if you understand the basics, you’ll probably be surprised by the many different ways that cloud technology is changing our world.

-Cross Currents 13.3 E-Business 2.0: Reinventing Web Commerce 14.5 The State of Software 4.2 Software Applications: Tools for Users

There’s an App for… Everything!

Is software taking over the world? In this Wall Street Journal article, Mark Andreessen argues that it is taking over the economic world. Most of today’s business stars, are, at some level, software companies. His predictions about the future of global business and the American economy are worth thinking about.

-Updates 10.5 Human Questions for a Computer Age 14.1 How People Make Programs 14.2 Programming Languages and Methodologies

Hacking for a Better World

The world of programming is dominated by males and money. But there’s a movement afoot to change the gender balance and, at the same time, the factors that motivate programmers.
This Fast Company article describes Hampton Hackathon for Humanity, a gathering of young female programmers intent on making the world a better place.

-Multimedia 14.2 Programming Languages and Methodologies 6.1 Focus on Computer Graphics 9.2 Inside the Web Chapter 9 The Evolving Internet

Facebook Painting

CloudCanvas is a surprisingly powerful graphics programs in the form of a Facebook app. Like Photoshop, CloudCanvas contains both bitmap and vector graphics tools.
Unlike most web apps, Cloud Canvas is built entirely with HTML 5 technology that requires no special browser plugins to use.

-Multimedia 14.1 How People Make Programs 4.1 Processing with Programs 5.6 Statistical Software: Beyond Spreadsheets Chapter 14 Systems Design and Development

Algorithms Everywhere

Computer programs are designed using mathematical/logical constructs called algorithms. This fascinating TED talk by Kevin Slavin shows and tells how algorithms are finding their way into all kinds of unexpected places in our world, for better or for worse.