-Updates 13.3 E-Business 2.0: Reinventing Web Commerce 13.5 Inventing the Future: E-Commerce Tomorrow: The Never-Ending Game

TaskRabbit: A Game-like People-to-People Business

People use eBay and other auction sites for C2C transactions involving material goods. TaskRabbit is a C2C clearinghouse for services. Need somebody to run an errand or put together your new desk? Ask TaskRabbit.

-Multimedia 10.3 Security, Privacy, Freedom, and Ethics 7.4 No Secrets: Computers and Privacy 9.3 Internet Issues: Ethical and Political Dilemmas Chapter 7 Database Applications and Privacy Implications Chapter 9 The Evolving Internet

Is the Internet really a force for freedom?

The Internet is a powerful tools for promoting democracy and freedom worldwide. But many governments severely restrict many Internet activities to maintain security and stability. In this powerful TED talk, Rebecca MacKinnon explores the question, “How do we make sure that the Internet evolves in a citizen-centered manner?”
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-Multimedia 10.1 Online Outlaws: Computer Crime 10.2 Computer Security: Reducing Risks Chapter 10 Computer Security and Risks

Behind the Front Lines in the Virus Wars

In this TED talk, Mikko Hypponen tells us about–and shows us–a variety of malware species, from the earliest PC viruses to today’s high-tech organized crime menace.
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-Multimedia 6.2 Dynamic Media: Beyond the Printed Page 8.7 Social Networks

Social networks and multimedia come together to produce something unique and beautiful

Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir combines social networks and multimedia to create a unique and beautiful new work of collaborative art.
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-Multimedia 13.3 E-Business 2.0: Reinventing Web Commerce 8.7 Social Networks

The Social Media Revolution: an Animated Exploration

Few people doubt that social media are changing our world, but what does that really mean? This animated video presents a rapid-fire sampler of facts and figures that drive home the point: It’s happening, and it’s happening fast.