13.5 Inventing the Future: E-Commerce Tomorrow: The Never-Ending Game

Is the Dollar an Endangered Species?

by Ben Beekman on August 6, 2013

Printed Cup

3D Printing May Change Everything—and Soon

by Ben Beekman on January 8, 2013

These computer designs let stores create or tweak new styles without actually stitching prototype garments.

3D Body Scans for Better Fitting Jeans?

by Ben Beekman on June 7, 2012

Psychological Secrets of E-Commerce

by Ben Beekman on September 9, 2011

End of auctions?

Is the Online Auction History?

by Ben Beekman on August 31, 2011

TaskRabbit logo

TaskRabbit: A Game-like People-to-People Business

by Ben Beekman on July 28, 2011