-Multimedia 15.6 The Robot Revolution 7.0 The Google Guys Search for Tomorrow Chapter 1 Exploring Our Digital Planet Chapter 15 Is Artificial Intelligence Real? Chapter 7 Database Applications and Privacy Implications

Google’s Driverless Car—A TED Presentation by Sebastian Thrun

Robotic cars aren’t just science fiction fantasies anymore. This short presentation takes you on a road trip in Google’s amazing driverless car as it navigates through crowded city streets and curvy mountain roads. Sebastian Thrun suggests that our roads will be much safer when we let machines do the driving. What do you think?

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-Updates Buses, Ports, and Peripherals Chapter 2 Hardware Basics: Inside the Box Chapter 3 Hardware Basics: Peripherals Ports and Slots Revisited

Thunderbolt: Beyond USB and Firewire?

Thunderbolt logoIntel co-invented USB. Apple invented FireWire. Now the two companies have collaborated to produce Thunderbolt, a fast, flexible technology that may eventually make both of those earlier technologies obsolete. Born in Intel’s research labs, Thunderbolt first appeared earlier this year in Apple’s Macbook Pro. Thunderbolt will provide lightning-fast connection speeds for monitors, hard drives, input devices, and other types of peripherals, once those peripherals are redesigned with Thunderbolt interfaces.

-Multimedia 10.5 Human Questions for a Computer Age 8.7 Social Networks Chapter 1 Exploring Our Digital Planet Chapter 10 Computer Security and Risks Chapter 8 Networking and Digital Communication Chapter 9 The Evolving Internet

Beware of Online Filter Bubbles—A TED Talk by Eli Pariser

Two people sitting next to each other in a coffee house can get wildly different results from the same Google search. Many Facebook users see only posts from friends who agree with them because Facebook is hiding posts from other friends. These two sites, and many others, use filtering software to personalize our Web experience. In this short, thought-provoking talk, Eli Pariser said this software is rapidly creating a world in which “the Internet is showing us what it thinks we want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see.”

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