11.5 High-Tech Schools

Ten Editions and BeyondAfter ten editions and multiple translations, Digital Planet is now officially out of print. We’re deeply grateful to all of you who joined us as we rode the waves from Computer Currents to Digital Planet.


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A few short decades ago the Surui tribe lived a stone-age lifestyle in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. Encroachment of modern civilization into their forest threatened their home—and their very existence. But today the tribe is using digital technology to help preserve the rainforest, the people that live there, and the health of our shared planet. This unlikely story is described in this NPR piece and the accompanying YouTube video.


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Digital Education: Are We There Yet?

June 15, 2012

Digital technology is radically transforming education for millions of students. But is this transformation for the better? This CNN editorial argues that the benefits of technology in education outweigh the costs.

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The Web’s Global Art Museum

June 3, 2011

Many of the greatest works of art are inaccessible to most of the world’s population. In this short TED talk, Google’s Amid Sood demonstrates Art Project, a multimedia web gateway to many of world’s foremost art museums and the treasures they hold.

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A next-generation digital book

May 24, 2011

Most of the e-books published so far have been on-screen versions of paper books. In this short TED presentation, Mike Matas gives us a peek at the possibilities when digital books combine state-of-the-art interactive multimedia with compelling text. View at TED site

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