Most of us have an uneasy relationship with big databases: We take advantage of the convenience and freedom they bring to us, but we don’t really like the fact that they know so much about us. Singer/songwriter Vienna Teng captures the tension that exists between those contradictory feelings in her beautiful, slightly chilling Hymn of Acxiom. We’ve included a YouTube video with the song’s recording as well as links to an article telling the story behind the song, and a page with lyrics. All three are highly recommended.

Vienna Teng Sings about Surveillance in ‘Hymn of Acxiom’

Lyrics for ‘Hymn of Acxiom’

Key words: databases, big data, privacy, surveillance

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ap_thompson_largeEvery day millions of people share text, photos, music, and video on the Internet. But until recently, there hasn’t been much interest in sharing non-musical sound. According to Wired contributor Clive Davis, we may be entering a new age of Internet audio. How does that sound to you?


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Where Did the Web Come From?

October 25, 2011

In this five-minute TED talk, Ian Ritchie gives one of the best short answers to this question we’ve seen. At the same time, he confesses to making a multi-million dollar misjudgment. Fascinating and fun.

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Facebook Painting

September 9, 2011
CloudCanvas, the graphic swiss army knife for Facebook

CloudCanvas is a surprisingly powerful graphics programs in the form of a Facebook app. Like Photoshop, CloudCanvas contains both bitmap and vector graphics tools. Unlike most web apps, Cloud Canvas is built entirely with HTML 5 technology that requires no special browser plugins to use. apps.facebook.com/cloudcanvas

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Algorithms Everywhere

September 5, 2011
Thumbnail image for Algorithms Everywhere

Computer programs are designed using mathematical/logical constructs called algorithms. This fascinating TED talk by Kevin Slavin shows and tells how algorithms are finding their way into all kinds of unexpected places in our world, for better or for worse.

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Is There Social Life After Death?

August 11, 2011

What happens to your online identity after you die? This short TED talk explores this question and suggests some answers.

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Is the Internet really a force for freedom?

July 22, 2011

The Internet is a powerful tools for promoting democracy and freedom worldwide. But many governments severely restrict many Internet activities to maintain security and stability. In this powerful TED talk, Rebecca MacKinnon explores the question, “How do we make sure that the Internet evolves in a citizen-centered manner?”

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Behind the Front Lines in the Virus Wars

July 22, 2011

In this TED talk, Mikko Hypponen tells us about–and shows us–a variety of malware species, from the earliest PC viruses to today’s high-tech organized crime menace.

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Social networks and multimedia come together to produce something unique and beautiful

July 15, 2011

Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir combines social networks and multimedia to create a unique and beautiful new work of collaborative art.

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The Social Media Revolution: an Animated Exploration

July 2, 2011

Few people doubt that social media are changing our world, but what does that really mean? This animated video presents a rapid-fire sampler of facts and figures that drive home the point: It’s happening, and it’s happening fast.

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